the taste of Takayama food




The taste of Takayama food is directly related to the culture of Hida. It is simple but luxurious. The vegetable diet (Sansai, Shojin Ryori) with a proud history of its own is well-known. KAKUSHO 角正 and SUZAKI 洲さき are Shojin Ryori 精進料理 restaurants with hundreds of years tradition.
photo: Shojin Ryori at SUZAKI

Mitarashi-dango みたらし団子 (a kind of rice ball cake with soy sauce) will have a good taste for you. You can get this Dango at Mitarashi-dango-stands which you see anywhere in Takayama.
photo: Mitarashi-dango

TH 42

And Goheimochi 五平餅 a kind of rice cake with an original vegetable oil. I like it very much.

You can enjoy Tsukemono (picles), Hoba-miso (a kind of beans paste), Hida-soba (buckwheat vermicelli) and Shio-sembei (Japanese crackers), and so on.

And you will enjoy much good Japanese rice wine Sake. There are so many breweries
in Hida district. Hida is famous for its good rice wine Sake, so Takayama has so many Sake-shops.