the Kokubunji-temple



the KOKUBUNJI-TEMPLE (Hida-Kokubunnji) 飛騨国分寺

The Emperor Shoumu 聖武天皇(724-749) erected Kokubunji and kokubunniji at every country in Japan to pray the peace and prevention of epidemics of the nation through Buddism.
The most famous Kokubunji is Todaiji (東大寺) in Nara, that has had the great statue of Buddha. Hida-Kokubunji is also one of Kokubunjis.  In the middle of autumn, walking along Kokujinji-dori (avenue), you can see  a big ginkgo tree filling the sky. It is a guide towards Kokubunji. This ginkgo tree is called the Mother’s Milk Ginkgo (Chichi-Icho).  Under the tree some Jizos (Guardian deity of children, in this case, a mother and a child Jizo) are deified. Mothers who have poor milk pray her to obtain better milk for nursing.
This tree is 1200 years old.

The three storied pagoda was built in the Edo-ear. To our regret, it was destroyed by fire. The founding of this pagoda is the Tempyo-era 天平時代 (710-794), it was a seven storied pagoda in those days.
Honzon 本尊: The main Buddist image; The two images of Buddha [made in the Heian-era
平安時代 (794-1185)] are deified in the main temple(Hondo).

And in this precincts you can also see the gravestone of Shiramayumi 白真弓 , one of the marvellously strong Sumo-wrestlers. He was born in Takayama at the end of Edo-era.
He was so strong that Japanese rice wine sake named Shiramayumi was brewed, and it has been loved by many sake-lovers like me.