Takayama Jin’ya


Historic Spots and Ruins

1.The Ruin of Takayama-Jin’ya 陣屋 (a manor house)
During Tempyo ear, the Diakan 代官 (a chief magistrate) took up the reins of the      government of Hida in this house. At present day you rarely catch sight of the building
like this manor house in Japan. It stands near Nakabashi (a red bridge over Miya River ).

2.Akiwa-Sama 秋葉様 (Akiwa little Shinto shrines) God for a fire-prevention is deified
in i t.  There are more than 30 Akiwa-Sama on either side in this city, so you can find them easily. They are cute little Shinto shrines.


photo: Jin’ya 陣屋