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I love my hometown Takayama.
So I would like to introduce this wonderful town to anyone living on this  lovely  Earth
through the  Internet.
Some 65 years ago, an innocent little boy called “Kaolboy” was brought from another planet by a big stork. After having done a long journey, it was said that he became a full-fledged man at last.
Then he visited Switzerland and France to have his wedding ceremony on a beautiful lake, not on a wing of a stork but on a jet plane.
However, his dearest wife has died young and has gone to the planet.
The two children left after their mother’s death have grown up to be a tender-hearted and sunny man and a woman.
Kaolboy cannot forget the wonderful service that he received in Switzerland.
Especially he never forgets much splendid memory that he received from the group of cheerful families and a tender, beautiful woman.
The  splendid scenery under the blue sky…. The hundreds of the leaves danced in a breeze and shined in the sun. Children ran around and came to us with a smile. The train ran at the foot of the Alps slowly.

I hope your visiting  my hometown Takayama will give you such  splended memories.
Why don’t you visit Takayama,Japan and have a nice time?

The picture at the top of this article is what I painted with a special paint on the surface of the glass.

My name: Kaoru Motogaito 
My address: 

Hirose 3-9, Showa-ku, Nagoya, 466-004, Japan

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