Readings I recommend


  1. “Bushido” 武士道: written by Mr.Inazo Nitobe, published in 1900 in USA. He once was the Vice-Secretary-General of League of Nations.

This book says what Samurai spirit (Chivalry) is.
Chivalry is a flower no less indigenous to the soil of Japan than its emblem, the cherry blossom; …
Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Honour, Respect, Honesty, Loyalty

2. “Japan’s Best ‘Short Letters to Mom’”  日本一短い「母」への手紙
The “A Brief Message from the Heart Letter Contest,” started by the town of
Maruoka in Fukui Prefecture in 1993.  The first contest – whose theme was “A letter
to Mother” – attracted 32,236 Japanese-language entries. And 51 letters were selected for publication in that book.
One of them: Mom, whenever I feel weak and want to cry at night,
I always dream of you gently patting my back. (I.Takada,man,33)





ogura2     ogura3


Ogura ‘Hyakunin-isshu & Japanese Calligraphy(書道=Shodo or 習字=Shuji)

Ogura ‘Hyakunin-isshu is a Waka collection(和歌集)=Japanese traditional poems、about 1000 years ago, Mr.Sadaie Fujiwara (a noble) selected 100 nice poems (The each poem was written by a hundred poets one by one.). He did his work at his hometown Ogura (near Kyoto). Then it is called Ogura-Hyakunin isshu.  There are some kinds of Hyakunin issyu, however, this Ogura is called The Hyakunin Isshyu.

I love these three poems best of all the poems in this collection, then please read and feel something Japanese beauty.
And also would you enjoy these Letters=Japanese Calligraphy?

Though we have many kinds of the styles of Calligraphy, this is called Soshotai, it is used when writing letters. But in these days almost Japanese can’t write such good letters with Japanese brush pen. This is a work by Mr.Toshihiro Kuroki living in Takayama.

15:written by Koko Emperor
Kimigatame haruno noni idete wakana tsumu
Wagakoromodeni yukiwa furitsutsu

I appear in the spring field for you and pick up Wakana (sprouts) Although it’s spring, it’s snowing to my clothes
(In this way I pick them up for you.) I’d like you to have you eat these sprouts.



55: written by Izumi shikibu
Arazaramu konoyonohokano omoideni
Imahitotabino Aukotomogana

Though I might die shortly of illness, I’d like to see you at least once more. To make that my nice memory in this world to the other world.


56: written by Murasaki shikibu : a writer who wrote Genji-monogatari
Meguriaite mishiya soretomo
Wakanumani Kumogakurenishi
Yowano tsukikana

I’ve seen you really after a long time. However I couldn’t recognize if it was you or not, because you went back soon, You were like the moon that was hidden by clouds, weren’t you?