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The North Japan Alps from Hida, and other tourist resorts
Takayama is also a base for going up the Alps, so in summer we often see many mountaineers on the streets.
You can go to the south side of Mt.Norikura by bus, and also enjoy summer skiing.

At the foot of this mountain, there are so many spas named OKUHIDA-ONSEN-GO
奥穂高温泉郷.  These hot springs may comfort your weariness from travel.
Many mountaineers climb the Japan. Alps with these spas as base camps.  It is the best way to use Rope way car to climb those Alps mountains.  Especially if you visit Kamikochi
上高地 from Shinhodaka 新穂高, it is the best way. This Car gives you wonderful picturesque scenes..

The Hida Great Stalactite grotto is between Takayama and Mt.Norikura.

Gero spa 下呂温泉 is about one and a half drive from Takayama.
This hot spring is one of the Three Celebrated Spas of Japan.

Moreover, we have many good places to visit in Hida for sightseeing, but we leave everything to you Takayama is a good place not only for sightseeing but also for living all the year round. Each season has special beauties and each occasion has its own original atmosphere.

Please come to Takayama, anytime from anywhere.

Please enjoy HIDA life.