Old fashioned streets



It seems as if you are on the set of a Samurai-movie, walking along the old fashioned streets. SAMMACHI-SUJI. (san:three, machi:town, suji:street)

Kami-ichinomachi 上一之町 is a bright town with the Takayama-Kyodo-Kan.
Kami-ninomachi 上二之町 is a calm town with the Hirata-Kinenkan ( a museum),
And wonderful Kami-sannomach 上三之町

We call these three streets Sammachi-suji 三町筋. These are towns where the merchants, who had taken over the economic power of Hida, had lent money to Dimyo 大名 ( Federal lord) and had built the most luxurious floats, lived, for keeping up the appearance of the Samurai, they built houses of simple appearance, but really they decorated luxurious the inside. At the front, they made the eaves lower and opened simple stores, but in the inside they had some gorgeous rooms and many wonderful works of art.
Also strong low eaves are good for preventing snow damage. In those days, it was forbidden for the merchant class to use 5 kinds of woods (Japanese cypress and the like) for structure but really they used such woods, which they coated with paint for covering. So the beautiful houses have been protected against wood worm, snow and rain for a long time.

These street are very crowded by many tourists during the day, so it is much better to visit there early morning, to make nice memories in Takayama.