Masuda Yonenosuke blacksmith


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Masuda Yonenosuke  真寿田 米之介

He was a person called the experts of blacksmith. He is the first person that made
the decoration in the shape of a carp for Kagizuru (鍵釣).  He was born on May 5th,1867
in Takayama.

His carp once appeared on the screen as a part of a movie set of “Last Samurai”. In 1999. The scene in the movie was that where Ken talked to Tom by that carp in a room.

Kagizuru is one of the kitchen utensils. It is a stick about 2 meters, and the whole is made of iron, and the tip has a hook. It is suspended above the fireplace from the ceiling.
That stick is a sheath shaped, and the core of that sheath can be moved easily.
So the length of the stick can be adjusted easily, then we can move the tip of the stick close to the fire of the fireplace or move it away from that fire.
We hang a kettle or a pan to the hook. Using it, we can regulate heat well.
Decoration of iron in the shape of a fan or a carp is attached with the top of the hook.
We call this  stick Kagizuru.

One summer night, a cat thought the work made by Yonenosuke was a genuine carp,
so the cat jumped at it many times.

The huge carp (about 750 kg) Kagizuru made of iron was created by him in 1897
in Takayama, and was deified in the Akiwa Shinto Shrine in Shizuoka prefecture.
Regretfully the World War Ⅱ began, and it turned into the materials of the weapons,
Then we never can see it anymore.
But his work has been loved by many people as a lucky charm of fire protection.

Yonenosuke is my grandfather.
photos: The man wearing a long hat is Yonenosuke.