Japanese paper or Washi in Obara,Toyota 小原和紙


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ご夫妻は フランスにて個展を数回開催されておられ、欧米の方々からも賞賛の声を頂いておられます。小原の土地にて日々作成に精進されておられます。

その作品の幾つかは、名古屋市の熱田神宮のすぐ近くにある 紙専門店「紙の温度」店さんにて

入手できますので、どうぞご覧下さい。 こんなにも素晴らしいストーリーを持つ素晴らしいものを私たちは活かしきって、今日の宝として、後世に残し続けていかなくてはなりません。

Washi (Japanese papers) is stronger though being thin because its fiber is especially long
in compared with western papers.

As you know, it has been used for restoration of caltural assets for a long time also in Europe.
It has about 1700 years long history.

It is not sure if it comes from China or it occurred naturally in Japan.

The material of western paper is pulp, on the other hand it is kozo,mitsumata,gampi and mayumi.

And these materials are sometimes mixed with.

And some artists add specially clay to them. They make paper using a technique of special papermaking called “Nagashi-suki”.

They put a wooden frame which has a spread net in a water tank which has the materials, water and adhesion stabilizer in.

And they shake the frame in and out of the tank many times to get the beauty and equality
the thickness of the paper. And they dry the paper made in this way, and make the Washi paper.

It is very, very splendid art.

You see some production districts of Japanese papers all over Japan, and see many artists.

In those production districts, Obara, Toyota is the neighborhood of the production district of ceramics, and then has the most suitable special clay and is the land which has the most suitable water after all.

Then, in Obara, the work of Mr.&Mrs.Kano as crafters that liveth now based on a long tradition and pride, I recommend them the most. Splendor of the work is personality itself of Kano and his wife.

They have been held several times a solo exhibition in France, and they have gotten the voice of praise from people in Europe. They two are committed to the production of works every day at a cute village Obara.

You can see and enjoy, and get some of their works, at a paper specialty store “Kami-no- Ondo” shop’s in the immediate vicinity of the Nagoya Atsuta Shrine or Atsuta Jingu.

So please take a look and enjoy. As today’s treasure, we must continue taking advantage of the great products which have such a splendid story, and must continue leaving it in the history.