Japanese Buddhism (Sutra and Sounds)


Sunset view seen from Todaiji taken by Mr.Micky.


YouTube has these fine information:  Will you enjoy these fine art?

  1. Shichiseikai: A public performance in Germany in 2011(the first half)
    Sutras and Sounds (Japanese Buddhism Music)
  2. The Heart Sutra and Drums:
    I think that it is one of solemn religious music to sing a sutra in a large number of people.
  3. A Sutra for Thirteen Buddhas:
    You know there are many kinds of Buddha in Buddhism. Buddha is not only the name of Shaka.
    Then 13 of them are especially important Buddhas. We call those 13 Buddhas “!3 Butsu”.
    This is a sutra for the 13 Butsu, and we call this sutra “13 Butsu Singon”.
    The sutra sung in this picture is very rhythmical.
  4. Temko Raion: Sutra and Drums:They beat the taiko drums very powerfully while advocating sutras.


My favourite Sounds and Beauty of Japan (YouTube)

  1. Wadaiko: Japanese Drums performance by Kodo
  2. Shamisen: Tsugaru-Jamisen performance by Mr.Chikuzan Takahashi
  3. Gojinjo-Daiko:Drum performance by masked men
  4. Japanese Fireworks in Nagaoka in 2012
    Japanese enjoy fireworks  not only for  seeking healing  but also for
    consoling the souls of their ancestors in summer (Bon Festival).