A Breaf Shikoku PILGRIMAGE “English guide”


なぜ、四国遍路をするのですか? 空海への信仰心が主ですが、厳しい道を歩み、大自然に触れることで心身の快復を目指すことにあります。各々の寺院で清らかな時を過ごし、読経を挙げることで心身ともに落ち着くものです。
外国の方々も多く、お参りをされて、日記やガイド文を掲載されているのでここにそれらの文章を紹介します。 そして、私の高校の同級生がもう4回もお遍路さんを実行しています。彼はまだまだずうっと続けていきます。彼は「遍路大使」として海外からのお遍路さんを案内しては歩き続けています。

Approximately 1200 ago, Kukai (The great priest Kobo Daishi)  returned  home after having spent as studying monk in the Tang Dynasty, and he aspired trying to do any more stringent training as a monk, and continued to travel around the many temples that exist in Shikoku whole area since ancient times in order to acquire ascetic practices of Buddhism.
Those temples are in the steep mountains or on the coast that you must cross beyond the big waves.
Because a temple is 88 in total, it is called “Shikoku 88 places”. = Eighty-eight pilgrimage sites on the island of Shikoku in Japan
And a pilgrim who goes on a pilgrimage through 88 temples in Shikoku is called “Shikoku Henro”
However, the true  “Shikoku pilgrim ” is a person who remembers Kukai and  continues the journey and is trying  to keep ascetic practices.
They made the Shikoku pilgrimage on foot in old days.
It takes approximately one month if you walk a pilgrimage all the way.
I also was led by the hand by my mother and I made a pilgrimage at the age of 8 almost on foot.
We took a small boat and a bus when the destination was too far.
We were because the inn of the day was not found if we did not do that.
However I remember that it was only several times to get on a bus and a small boat.
The child kept walking more than 20 kilometers a day.
In those days, 40-years-old mother kindly led me in a steep, long and winding road in mountains.

Why do you make a pilgrimage to the 88 temples in Shikoku?
Faith to Kukai is main. And they walk a steep mountain path, and then the mental and physical recovery by touching the Nature make them happy. This is also another reason they make pilgrimage, I think.
I spend calm and pure time at each temple, and mind and body are settled down together by giving sutra-chanting.
There are also many foreigners that the Shikoku Pilgrimage. And they have written a traveler’s diary or a guidebook for the pilgrim in the website. I introduce to you those articles some, please enjoy those articles.
Le pèlerinage des 88 temples de Shikoku   In French: Very fine!!

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