3 omega unsaturated fatty acid which takes care of your health



ABURAE (this is usually called Perilla ocimoides, but is not sesame.) It has been called Aburae for a long time in Hida. It is a plant of the perilla department.) is one of the unsaturated fatty acid.
In this food, Omega-3 fatty acid which is acid with a utility especially in health maintenance is included much.
Omega-3 Fatty Acid is three acid of alpha-Linolenic Acid, Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA). And you must get it into the body by a meal because this alpha-Linolenic Acid is not made in the body.
And in the body alpha-Linolenic Acid becomes raw materials of these DHA and EPA. These DHA and EPA are the things which are included in a blue-skinned fish、and this fact is the thing that is well known to many people.
And also it is well known that these two acid is very good for health . I think that the ingestion of these acids from blue fish is a good thing.
However, I think taking them from plants is better than and it is more natural.
So, I recommend strongly that many people eat the Perilla ocimoides. Because Hida is a mountainous country, in the old days it was very difficult to get the fish of the sea. Therefore, in those days, it was difficult to get these 2 acids in the body. However, people in the old days of Hida, knew naturally that acid of two of these are included in this plant.
I think this is really a very strange affair. In that way they had maintained health.

As a traditional recipe, you roast these small seeds of Perilla ocimoides and just sprinkle it on vegetables and soup.

Gohei-mochi: rice-cake with Aburae, so delicious!!
leaves of Aburae

But, the method that I recommend most is to roast those seeds on a low heat and rubs them until they become the powder, and then to add soy sauce and sugar in them. You spread this edible oil which is useful for health on rice cakes or potatoes or spinaches, and enjoy the taste.
You also have the method using miso instead of soy sauce. Because this is a basic recipe, so, please create many recipes, and enjoy. You are able to make ice cream with this attractive edible oil. It is so delicious!!! Because this is very expensive edible oil, a lot of imitations are sold in a city.

Please be careful when you select the oil. The thing which I recommend is cultivated in Hida and it is compressed in a big medicine company of Hida and became the splendid edible oil. Yes,  please enjoy this ABURAE edible oil.  Enjoy Gohei-mochi at Takayama.