Dr.Peter Drucker says


Do you know Father of the buisiness administration Dr.Peter Drucker had deep profound knowledge in Japanese old paintings, and he held a lecture about it at an American universityfor 5 years?
He collected only the paintings by Japanese liteary artists after the Sourthern School of Chinese paintings.  Those total number exceeds 200 paintings.
And he named his collection “Sanso 山荘 collection”.
His wife was also very intersted in Japanese art.

A noteworthry fact is that he didn’t add an Ukiyoe (浮世絵) print in the collection.
He collected Hakuin’s 白隠, Jakuchu’s若冲, Buncho’s文晁 Rosetsu’s芦雪、Kazan’s崋山.etc.

He says that he fell in love with Japanese art in his criticism “The Love letter to Japanese art”,and the person who is in love with Japanese art has eternal plasure in all his life.